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Cantate Domino


Claudio Monteverdi



Cantate Domino canticum novum,
cantate et benedicite nomini ejus:
Quia mirabilia fecit.
Cantate et exultate et psallite
in cythara et voce psalmi:
Quia mirabilia fecit.


Cantate Domino - Monteverdi

Created 15-Sep-08 Revised 11-Apr-09

Pasaia Abesbatza Cantate Domino Monteverdi

Psalm 98 (Greek numbering: Psalm 97) is part of the biblical Book of Psalms. It may be recited as a canticle in the Anglican liturgy of Evening Prayer according to the Book of Common Prayer as an alternative to the Magnificat, when it is referred to by its incipit as the Cantate Domino. It is not included as a canticle in Common Worship, but it does of course appear in the psalter.

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