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Father while the shadows fall (A Vesper Hymn)


A.M. Goodheart


R. Mather


Father, while the shadows fall,
   with the twilight over all,
dein to hear my evening prayer,
   make a little child thy care.

Take me in thy holy keeping
   till the morning break.
Guard me through the darkness sleeping
   bless me when I wake

'Twas thy hand that led all day,
   scattered joys along my way,
crowned my life with blessings sweet,
   kept from snares my careless feet.

Like thy patient love for me,
   make my love to others be;
All the wrongs that I have done,
   Pardon, Lord through Christ thy Son.


Father while the shadows fall - arr Mather

Father while the shadows fall - arr Mather

Created 15-Sep-08 Revised 20-Sep-08

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