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Father most holy, merciful and tender (Sheffield House)


R. Mather

SATB and Descant Organ

10th century translated from the Latin.


Father most holy, merciful and tender
Jesus our saviour, with the Father reigning,
Spirit all kindly advocate defender,
     Light never waning.

Trinity sacred, unity unshaken,
deity perfect, giving and forgiving,
Light of the angels, life of the forsaken,
     hope of all living.

Maker of all things, all thy creatures praise thee;
lo all things serve thee through thy whole creation:
hear us Almighty, hear us as we raise the
     hearts adoration

To the all ruling triune God be glory:
highest and greatest, help thou our endeavour;
We too would praise thee, giving honour worthy
     now and for ever.


Father most holy - Mather

Father Most Holy - Mather

Created 15-Sep-08 Revised 21-Sep-08

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