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Saint Anthony Chorale


Joseph Haydn (attributed)

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St Anthony Chorale - attrib Haydn

St Anthony Chorale - attrib Haydn

Created 15-Sep-08 Revised 10-Mar-11

Saint Anthony Chorale

Recent scholarship has revealed that, despite the title of the work, the theme is very unlikely to be by Haydn. In 1870, Brahms's friend Carl Ferdinand Pohl, the librarian of the Vienna Philharmonic Society, who was working on a Haydn biography at the time, showed Brahms a transcription he had made of a piece attributed to Haydn titled Divertimento No. 1. The second movement bore the heading "St. Anthony Chorale".

While current usage still prefers the original title, Variations on the St. Anthony Chorale is the name favoured by those who object to perpetuating a misattribution. Even that name, however, tells us very little. To date, no other mention of the so-called "St. Anthony Chorale" has been found. Some sources state the Divertimento was probably written by Ignaz Pleyel, but this has not been definitely established. Even so, a further question is whether the composer of the Divertimento actually wrote the "St. Anthony Chorale" or simply quoted an older theme taken from an unknown source.

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