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Gaston. M Dethier


Virtuoso show piece for organ using Adeste Fideles (O come all ye faithful).


Christmas - Dethier

Christmas - Derthier

Created 21-Oct-08 Revised 06-Jul-13

The organ of St Mary's, Dayton, Ohio played by Frederick Hohman

Part 1

Part 2

The organ of St Paul's Church, Knightsbridge, London, played by Christian Wilson

The organ of the First United Methodist Church of Ann Arbor, Michigan, played by Thomas Strode

Gaudy, exciting, irreverent, frivolous? This work needs great dexterity. In one short part two manuals are played with one hand. And for much of the piece there are two parts on the pedals. For many, be prepared to hear "O come all ye faithful," like you have never heard it before.
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