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Hail! Blessed Virgin Mary


Charles Wood


George Ratcliffe Woodward


Hail! Blessed Virgin Mary!
For so, when he did meet thee
Spake mighty Gabriel,
and thus we greet thee.
Come weal, come woe, our
hymn shall never vary.
Hail! Blessed Virgin Mary!

Ave! Ave Maria!
To gladden priest and people
The angelus shall ring
from every steeple,
To sound his virgin birth.
Ave! Ave Maria!

Archangels chant, 'Hosanna!'
And, 'Holy! Holy! Holy!'
Before the Infant born
of thee, thou lowly,
Aye-maiden child of
Joachim and Anna.
Archangels chant Hosanna!


Hail Blessed Virgin Mary - arr Wood

Created 05-Mar-11

Hail! Blessed Virgin Mary

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