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Ah Lord when my last end is come


Johann Sebastian Bach


Final Chorale from St. John Passion


Ah! Lord when my last end is come,
bid angels bear my spirit home
    to Abr'hams bosom going;
My flesh laid in the quiet tomb,
shall sleep until the day of doom,
    nor pain nor sorrow knowing.
Then waking from that dark abode,
    mine eyes shall see thee face to face.
In boundless joy, O Son of God,
    my Saviour and my Throne of Grace.
        Lord Jesus Christ,
give ear to me, give ear to me,
    Who sing unending praise to thee.


Ah! Lord when my last end is come

Ah! Lord when my last end is come

Created 15-Sep-08 Revised 06-Jul-13

European Bach Ensemble

The St Peter's Singers of Leeds and St Peter's Chamber Orchestra

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