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King ever glorious (The Majesty of the Divine Humiliation)


John Stainer

Tenor Solo and organ

From "The Crucifixion"


King ever glorious!
The dews of death are gathering round Thee,
upon the Cross Thy foes have bound Thee,
    thy strength is gone.

Not in Thy Majesty,
robed in Heavens supremest splendour,
but in weakness and surrender,
    thou hangest here.

Who can be like Thee?
Pilate high in Zion dwelling?
Rome with arms the world compelling?
    Proud though they be!

Thou art sublime;
far more awful in Thy weakness,
more than kingly in Thy meekness,
    thou Son of God.

Glory and honour:
Let the world divide and take them,
crown its monarchs and unmake them;
    but Thou wilt reign.

Here in abasement,
crownless, poor, disrobed and bleeding;
there, in glory interceding,
    thou art the King!


King Ever Glorious - Stainer

Created 15-Sep-08 Revised 10-Mar-11

King Ever Glorious - Sir John Stainer

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