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Sacred Music of Paul F. Page


Paul F. Page

This sacred music is appropriate for liturgical use, and is composed to fit the needs of small and large choirs.

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Sacred and Liturgical This music has been used in liturgical settings during various seasons of the year. And all are arranged for a choir of modest means with piano or organ accompaniment.

Sacred Solo All of these pieces are hymns or songs written for ASSEMBLY or for a small group/soloist, either with guitar, piano, or organ accompaniment.

Psalms These pieces represent a cross-section of the 150 psalms. These compositions are meant for Assembly/small group prayer. All are quite simple and include an easy refrain (Assembly) and selected verses (cantor/small group) with piano accompaniment.

Children's Choir A selection of music composed for children, and suitable for use in a liturgical context or on their own.

Audio for some of the above can be heard on this link.

Created 02-Jan-15

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