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All praise to Christ who is the King Divine (Engelberg)


Charles Villiers Stanford


R. Mather

Descant SATB arrangement Organ/Piano

Stanford's Tune "Engelberg" arranged for SATB.

Words have been adapted by "Cantate Domino" from F. Bland Tucker to be less archaic. We would have rather used the more familiar "When in our music God is glorified," (Fred Pratt Green) or "We know that Christ is raised and dies no more" (John Brownslow Geyer) or other more recent words, but they are still in copyright.

Stanford's own work has not been altered, and may be played throughout.


All praise to Christ, who is the King divine;
he yielded glory that of right was thine,
That in our darkened hearts his grace may shine.

He came to us in lowliness of thought;
and for the outcast and the poor he sought,
and by his death was God’s salvation wrought.

And let his mind be melded into me,
who was a servant that we may be free,
Humbled himself to die on Calvary.

Let God’s eternal purpose then allow
his name exalted, o’er the earth, be now.
Jesus the name to whom all knees shall bow.

Let every tongue confess with one accord
In heav’n and earth that Jesus Christ is Lord;
And God the Father be by all adored.


All Praise to Christ - Engelberg Stanford arr Mather

Created 20-Feb-16

All praise to thee, for thou, O King Divine (St. John's Episcopal Church of Detroit)

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