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Processional to Calvary (Fling wide the gates)


Sir. John Stainer

SATB, Tenor Solo and organ

From "The Crucifixion"


Fling wide the gates, for the Saviour waits 
  to tread in His royal way;
he has come from above, in His power and love, 
  to die on the Passion Day.

His Cross is the sign of a love divine, 
  his Crown is the thorn-wreath of woe,
he bears His load on the sorrowful road, 
  and bends 'neath the burden low.

How sweet is the grace of His sacred face, 
  and lovely beyond compare,
though weary and worn with the merciless scorn 
  of a world He has come to spare.

The burden of wrong that earth bears along, 
  past evil, and evil to be, -
all sins of man since the world began, 
  they are laid, dear Lord, on Thee.

Then on to the end, my God and my Friend, 
  with Thy banner lifted high!
Thou art come from above in Thy power and love, 
  to endure and suffer and die.


Procession To Calvary - Stainer

Created 31-Dec-08 Revised 10-Mar-11

Procession to Calvary - Sir John Stainer - Hong Kong Methodist Church

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