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A child is born in Bethlehem


Johann Sebastian Bach


Lucas Lossius, Psalmodia, hoc est, Cantica sacra vetris ecclisiae selecta, Nürnberg 1553

15th Century words Translated by Hamilton Montgomerie MacGill in Songs of the Christian Creed and Life, London 1876


A Child is born in Bethlehem;
Exult for joy Jerusalem
   Alleluia. Alleluia.

Lo! He who reigns above the skies
There, in a manger lowly lies

The ox and ass in neighb'ring stall
See in the Christ the Lord of all.

And kingly pilgrims long foretold,
From east bring incense, myrrh and gold,

And enter with their offerings
To hail the new born king of kings

He comes a maiden mother's son,
Yet earthly father has he none;

And from the serpent's poison free
He owned our blood and pedigree

Our feeble flesh and his the same,
Our sinless kinsman he became.

That we, from deadly thrall set free,
Like him, and so like god should be.

Come then, and on this natal day,
Rejoice before the Lord and pray

And to the Holy One in Three
Give praise and thanks eternally.


A Child is born in Bethlehem - Bach

Created 26-Nov-08

Camerata Vocal "Bella Desconocida" & Orquesta de Cámara

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