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A child this day is born


R. Mather


Words and Melody traditional from Sandys Christmas Carols.


A child this day is born,
a child of high renown;
most worthy of a scepter,
a scepter and a crown

Nowell, nowell, nowell,
nowell sing all we may,
because the King of all kings
was born on Christmas day.

These tidings shepherds herd
whilst watching o''er their fold;
''twas by an angel unto them
that night revealed and told

To whom the angel spoke,
and said, "be not afraid;
be glad, you blessed shepherds,
why are you so dismayed?

Today I bring you news
of gladness and of mirth,
Which cometh to all peoples by
this holy infants birth."

Then was there with the angel
a host from God on high
An angel throng that sang their song
when they to earth drew nigh!

They praised the Lord our God,
and our celestial king:
"All glory be in paradise,"
the heavenly host did sing

And as the angel told them
so to them did appear;
they found the young child Jesus Christ
with Mary his mother dear.

All glory be to God
that sitteth still on high,
With praises and with triumph great
and joyful melody.


A Child this day is born - arr Mather

Created 15-Sep-08

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