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Away in a manger


William J. Kirkpatrick


R. Mather


Cradle Song. American (Philadelphia 1895)


Away in a manger, no crib for a bed,
The little Lord Jesus laid down His sweet head.
The stars in the sky looked down where He lay,
The little Lord Jesus, asleep on the hay.

The cattle are lowing, the Baby awakes,
But little Lord Jesus, no crying He makes;
I love Thee, Lord Jesus, look down from the sky
And stay by my side until morning is nigh.

Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask Thee to stay
Close by me forever, and love me, I pray;
Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care,
And fit us for Heaven to live with Thee there.


Away in a manger - (Cradle Song) Kirkpatrick arr Mather 1

Away in a manger - (Cradle Song) Kirkpatrick arr Mather 2

Away in a manger (Cradle Song) arr R. Mather

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Away in a Manger (Not the same arrangement as PDF)

"Away in a Manger" was first published in an 1885 Lutheran Sunday School book by James R. Murray (March 7, 1841 - March 10, 1905), but the author of the first two stanzas is unknown. There are at least two major melodies for the song: one, "Cradle Song", more commonly encountered in the United Kingdom; the other, "Mueller", more commonly found in the United States. The tune commonly used in the United Kingdom was written by William J. Kirkpatrick and was first published in 1895. The tune commonly used in the United States was written by James R. Murray and first published in 1887. It is certain that stanza three was added in 1904 by Dr. John McFarland of New York City.

Some have attributed the song to Martin Luther himself. The confusion may have began because Murray published it with the subtitle "Luther's Cradle Hymn (Composed by Martin Luther for his children and still sung by German mothers to their little ones)."

The carol is associated with the tune "Mueller" in some churches and with the tune "Cradle Song" in others. In 2004, John Tavener composed a new setting for the words. This setting was performed at the service of Nine Lessons and Carols at King's College, Cambridge in 2005.

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