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On Christmas night all Christians sing (Sussex Carol)


R. Mather

SATB and Organ

Traditional English


On Christmas night all Christians sing,
to hear the news the angels bring;
   News of great joy, news of great mirth,
   news of our merciful King's birth.

Then why should men on earth be sad,
since our Redeemer made us glad:
   When from our sin He set us free,
   all for to gain our liberty.

When sin departs before Your grace,
then life and health come in its place;
   Angels and men with joy may sing,
   all for to see the newborn King.

All out of darkness we have light
which made the angels sing this night;
   "Glory to God and peace to men,
   now and forevermore. Amen."


On Christmas Night - arr Mather

On Christmas Night - arr Mather

Created 15-Sep-08 Revised 20-Apr-09

On Christmas night all Christians sing

Sussex Carol also known as On Christmas Night True Christians Sing and On Christmas Night All Christians Sing, its words were first published by an Irish bishop, Luke Wadding, in a work called Small Garland of Pious and Godly Songs. It is not clear whether Wadding wrote the song or was recording an earlier composition.

Both the text and the tune to which it is now sung were discovered and written down by Cecil Sharp and Ralph Vaughan Williams, who heard it being sung by a Harriet Verrall of Monk's Gate, Sussex (hence "Sussex Carol"). The tune to which it is sung today is the one Williams took down from Mrs Verrall and published in 1919.

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