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Out of your sleep arise and wake


R. Mather

Two Voices and Organ

Words: circa 14-15th Century
Music: Copyright R. Mather


Out of your sleep arise and wake,
   for God mankind hath now ytake. 
All of a maid without any make;
   of all women she beareth the bell. 

Glory to God in the highest.

And through a maiden fair and wise,
   now man is made of full great price;
now angels kneelen to man's service,
   and at this time all this befell. 

Now man is brighter than the sun;
   now man in heaven on high shall won;
blessed be God this game is begun
   and his mother that beareth the bell. 

Now blessed Brother grant us grace,
   at doomes day to see thy face,
and in thy court to have a place,
   that we may there sing thee nowell.


Out of your sleep - Mather

Out of your sleep R. Mather

Created 15-Sep-08

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