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The Lord at first did Adam make


R. Mather


Melody from David Gilbert's West Country Selection, "Some Ancient Christmas Carols" 1822.


The Lord at first did Adam make
   Out of the dust and clay,
And in his nostrils breathed life,
   E'en as the Scriptures say.
And then in Eden's Paradise
   He placed him to dwell,
That he within it should remain
   To dress and keep it well.

Now let good Christians all begin
   An holy life to live,
And to rejoice and merry be,
   For this is Christmas Eve.

Now mark the goodness of the Lord
   Which he for mankind bore,
His mercy soon he did extend,
   Lost man for to restore;
And then for to redeem our souls
   From death and hellish thrall,
He said his own dear son should be
   The Saviour of us all.

Now for the blessings we enjoy,
   Which are from Heaven above,
Let us renounce all wickedness
   And live in perfect love.
Then shall we do Christ's own command,
   Ev'n his own written word,
And when we die in Heaven shall
   Enjoy our living Lord.

And now the tide is nigh at hand,
   In which our Saviour came;
Let us rejoice, and merry be,
   In keeping of the same.
Let's feed the poor and hungry souls,
   And such as do it crave;
Then when we die, in Heaven sure,
   Our reward we shall have.


The Lord at first - arr Mather

The Lord at first - arr Mather

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The Lord at first did Adam make

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