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Title Composer Arranger  
40 Hymn Tunes W.A. Morfey SATB
All praise to Christ who is the King Divine (Engelberg) Charles Villiers Stanford R. Mather Descant SATB arrangement Organ/Piano
Angel voices ever singing Edwin G. Monk R. Mather SATB
Breathe on me Breath of God (Carlisle) Charles Lockhart R. Mather (Descant) SATB
Brightest and Best of the sons of the morning R. Mather SATB and Descant Organ (Piano)
Drop Drop Slow Tears Orlando Gibbons R. Mather SATB
Father most holy, merciful and tender (Sheffield House) R. Mather SATB and Descant Organ
Father while the shadows fall (A Vesper Hymn) A.M. Goodheart R. Mather
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds R. Mather SATB and organ
I bind unto myself this day (St Patrick's Breastplate) Sir. Charles Villiers Stanford SATB Organ
In suffering love the thread of life R. Mather SATB Organ (Piano)
In token that thou shalt not fear Revd. Bernard E. Mather SATB
O Worship the King - Hanover Attributed to William Croft R. Mather SATB and Organ (Piano)
O Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness R. Mather SATB and Descant Organ (Piano)
The day thou gavest Lord is ended Clement Cotterill Scholefield R. Mather SATB, Organ and Trumpet
Thy hand O God has guided (Thornbury) Basil Basil Harwood. R. Mather (Descant) SATB Organ or Piano
We love the place O God Bishop Henry L. Jenner R. Mather SATB Organ
You Lord are watching over me R. Mather Unison and Descant with Accompaniment