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The music on this website is intended to be good church and choral music. We hope to provide a growing collection of Anthems and Motets, Services and Settings, Hymns and Psalms, Organ and piano music, and a large selection of carols.

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Unless otherwise stated the music (both scores and mp3 files) are copyrighted by Cantate Domino. Other contributors have their own copyright, and this must be heeded, as well as any other instructions provided with them. Works here are both in the public domain, and living composers. The latter is by permission. By using this site, you are deemed to have agreed with the terms and conditions.

Cantate Domino would like to extend an invitation to all who use music on this site. If you make a good quality recording, (Audio or Video) of any of the music on this site. Please contact us so as to supply a copy to us. And if it of reasonable quality we would like to put your recording on the relevant page of this site. You will be given full credit for your audio or video.

To view the music in PDF format you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader this small program is available free from the Adobe Web Site.

The music on this website is supplied free primarily for the Glory of God, and many of the arrangements and compositions ARE NOT public domain. It is a shame that we have to include a paragraph such as this on our site, but unfortunately there are those who do not abide by our generous usage rules. It has come to our attention that some of our music (PDF and MP3s) are found on other sites without having sought permission. There is one company who has published in hard copy print one of our copyrighted works without our permission, they have removed the copyright notice, and have not compensated the composer in any way. It is our intention to contact all we find who, have unauthorised use of our files on their site or use our files in a file exchange program. We fully intend to name and shame those who do not remove our files from their site, ignore our request, or cannot be contacted. That being said, web-sites are most welcome to link to web pages on this site where music can be found, but not to "hot link" to the actual files.

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